How to Install Magnetic Snaps in Purses?

How to Install Magnetic Snaps in Purses?

Do you sew as a hobby and wish to give your bags and handbags a professional appearance? Adding a magnetic snap clasp is one of the simplest ways to accomplish this. Here's a simple, beginner-friendly instruction for making a bag closure with magnetic snaps. Elastic stripe, metal lock, and magnetic snaps are the most popular journal closure options. Elastic strips, on the other hand, are easily worn out, metal locks are more sophisticated, and magnetic snaps are more precise. Get the finest one at magnetic snaps online shop.

What exactly are magnetic snaps and purse snaps?

Purse snaps are inconspicuous closures that are commonly used on many types of purses. They are (usually) round-shaped pieces of hardware that cling together when brought close together (magnets!). Keep your bag flap or pocket closed as well.

Magnetic snaps will fast become the go-to bag closure solution for newbies in the bag-making world. So simple to set up, and it looks great!

What are the standard magnetic snap sizes?

Magnetic snaps come in a variety of shapes, thicknesses, and diameters. The normal ones are thick, and you can usually find them in any fairly stocked fabric store (the standard size). There are also thin snap magnets that will almost disappear into the fabric in terms of thickness.

What kinds of magnetic snaps are there?

There are three types of magnetic snaps depending on the application: First, the most popular (and your personal favourites!) These are the prong-back magnetic snaps that are shown in this tutorial.

Then there are sew-in magnets. These are sewed between the outer layers of your item and come in a transparent vinyl pocket. Interfacing is bonded between the layers in the same way.

Last but not least, there are sew-on magnets. They each have four small ears with tiny holes that you literally stitch through with your hand-sewing needle and thread. They're not your favourite, but they come in handy when you can't just pierce through the layers to insert the back prongs.

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