2022 the most popular closure is Magnetic Snaps

2022 the most popular closure is Magnetic Snaps

Magnetic closures are the closure systems usually found in different accessories that are made of special small magnets that work in the hand enclosure of a product/accessory. Examples of products attached with magnetic snaps on their closure systems include bags, handbags, purses, backpacks, etc. There are two types of magnetic snaps, these include Pronged magnetic snaps and Sew-On magnetic snaps.

Magnetic snaps usually differ in size as some may range from 10mm, to 14mm, to   18mm. Besides, they may also come along with different metallic appearances      (color) as some may be in gold, silver and some may come along with a bronze color appearance.

Some of the magnetic snaps may be invisible (not easily visible) due to the style. They could be made into handbag magnetic snaps, bag magnetic snaps, bra magnetic snaps, etc, which makes an accessory have an attractive appearance and usually they’re simple to use or apply.

Image 1.1, (above)

Image 1.1 above portrays a magnetic snap, with its respective ends ( female end & female end).

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Generally, magnetic snaps have become among the popular closure styles/systems due to their various advantages over other closure systems.

The following are the reasons why the magnetic snaps are becoming more popular

1.Effective and easy to use. 


3.Good looking. 

4.High quality. 

5.The general increase in the market

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