How to Colorize Metal Hardware

How to Colorize Metal Hardware

The coloring process is very important for metal fittings, it can prevent rust and corrosion and also attract eye-catching. Do you know how to make hardware buttons colored?

Richarms takes you to explore the mysterious plating process and helps you better understand.

1. Electroplating: This is more commonly applied in the magnetic snap, Zn alloy accessory. It can be divided into hanging plating and rolling plating. 

Rolling, less shiny, costs lower. 

Hanging, more shiny, costs higher.

2. Epoxy: It can make the metal hardwaresurface have a 3D

3. Printing: Print your logo or picture on the metal fittings to make it more unique.

4. Laser: Mark the logo on the hardware accessories through laser technology which makes the brand more impressive


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