How to Install Magnetic Snaps on Bags?

How to Install Magnetic Snaps on Bags?

Is there a phase or task in the bag-making process that you dislike? It is the lining that has its own requirements, such as pockets and magnetic closures (favorite closure for bags). If you're in a rush, it's tempting to forgo the magnetic snaps and sew some basic slip pockets instead.

However, attractive zippered pockets and magnetic snap closures add a lot to a purse, so it's great that you can find a solution to relieve stress and sew lovely lining pieces in less time.

It is not a magical process; it still necessitates effort. What is the secret? You must prepare them ahead of time.

How about putting together 6 zippered compartments and 3 magnetic snaps in a matter of hours? You don't have to bother about lining your next three suitcases!

This is one of the most recent bags (pattern here), and how long did it take to sew the lining? Maybe 10 minutes? The only thing left to do was appliqué the pockets and magnetic snaps on the lining.

Here are the steps for making this sort of magnetic snaps closure for a bag.

You'll need:

  • Magnetic fastener
  • 4 vinyl pieces "2" x "2"
  • 2 pieces 112" x 112" heavyweight interfacing
  • Adhesive tape with two sides

Center a metal washer on the reverse of a vinyl piece and make the marks and slits illustrated. Repeat for one more vinyl square.

Rep the previous step with the two heavyweight interfacing pieces

Push the prongs of one of the magnetic snap components through the right side of the vinyl. Views from the correct and incorrect sides of the vinyl.

Insert the piece of interfacing. Place a metal washer on the prongs and bend them as shown.

Rep these procedures with the other side of the magnetic snap on vinyl.

Apply glue tape near to the margins of the last two vinyl squares, as illustrated.

Remove the paper backing and place the glued square over a vinyl square with a magnetic snap component, aligning all of the sides. Rep this process with the other magnetic snap part.

Prepare as many magnetic snaps as you wish using a neutral-colored vinyl. All you have to do when sewing a bag is appliqué these squares on the bag's lining.

Apply sticky tape to the rear of the snap components to make this step easier.

Remove the paper backing and place the piece at the required distance from the lining's top edge (114", 112", or even 2").

Sew the piece in place with a topstitch, stitching as close to the edges as required.

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Magnetic purse snaps are used as a closing on handmade purses, totes, and organisers, including the basic yet fashionable Sporty Strap pack displayed on the cover. Get the finest one from magnet wholesale. So you can be really happy with this tutorial on how to put a magnetic snap in your handbag, bag, or pouch today.