What Is Known About Wholesale Button Magnets

What Is Known About Wholesale Button Magnets

Button magnets are very simple yet one of the most essential part of the accessories that we use in our day to day life. There are multiple gadgets, decor or other industrial products that we use and have no idea about the purpose and importance of wholesale button magnets in them. Although small, the button magnets are strong and round shaped magnets that are generally used for industrial purposes in manufacturing products that are essential for life processes. The disc shaped or the cylindrical magnets are generally the most used and demanded in the market and therefore great importance is given in its manufacturing process. These button magnets are categories based on their strength under the names-

  • Power button magnets
  • Mighty button magnets
  • Magnetic memo holders.

Advantages of the button magnets

Wholesale button magnets are basically used for the advantages they offer in various matters. Apart from the strength of the magnets that provide a better hold or closure to the products, the size of those magnets are helpful at the most. The ones with less magnetic power are generally needed for manufacturing memo holders, refrigerator magnets, and other similar uses.

The power and mighty button magnets are surprisingly strong and generally used for industrial purposes due to their high magnetic strength and capability to hold things longer. They even have the strength to hold tiles and ceramics. These wholesale button magnets are versatile and are used for different applications.

The different categories of button magnets

Based on the strength of the magnetic pull, the wholesale button magnets are categorised into three kinds

  1. Power Button Magnets: These are strong magnets that are generally applied in items required to decorate home and workplace. The magnets are made of premium-grade neodymium magnets.
  2. Mighty Button Magnets: These magnets are extremely powerful under generally used in making craft decorations that are heavy under made in industries. These magnets have the power to hold tiles and ceramics and thus are greatly used for bulky objects.
  3. Magnetic Memo Holders: These are best used for holding lightweight objects, for example refrigerator magnets. They can also be used for promotional or advertising giveaway when imprinted with logos.

Trade of button magnetic snaps

Richarms is a metal accessory expert agency that has been to this business for over 18 years. They provide with different kinds of magnetic snaps that are required in various purposes.  They not only have various sizes that are made to fit for different stuffs but also are made of materials like brass, nickel,  stainless steel,  and iron. Sometimes they also change the colour of the magnetic snaps by the process of electroplating so that it matches to the item it is used at. Moreover, these buttons magnetic snaps are also used in the form of batteries in different modern gadgets are also some toys and thus are of a great demand in the market. Richarms look after the fact that they can provide the customers with everything they demand and require.

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