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18mm Beveled Magnetic Snaps (50-sets)

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18mm Beveled Magnetic Snaps (50-sets)

Beveled Magnets offers beautiful design options in a variety of strengths.


Product info

18mm Beveled Magnetic Snap
Female Snap Diameter: 18 mm
Male Snap Diameter: 14 mm
Female Snap Thickness: 2 mm
Magnet Type: Rare Earth Magnet (Neodymium)
Magnet Diameter: 12mm
Color: Antique Brass, Brush Antique Brass, Silver, Gun, Gold, Rose Gold, Rainbow
Weight: 6.8 g/set

1 set = 1 Female, 1 male, 2 Washer
Female snap is plain, Male snap with words

Magnetic snap is widely used for handbags, purses, shoes, jeans, garmets, crafts and jewelry, dust bag, school bag, backpack, luggage and so on.